My name isElly. I'm a digital illustrator with an interest in fantasy, video-games, concept art, and character design. I'm a very artsy, withdrawn person in general and love costuming, fursuiting, roleplaying, and LARPing. I really like World of Warcraft!!! League of Legends is cool too but I can't actually play it since I'm a bad with multiplayer games.

I try my best to be a friendly, nice individual, but I do not trust easily and if that trust is broken please expect to be softblocked without a second thought. I am willing to talk things out should I ever get into a scuffle with you or a friend. Please do not get close to me either if you don't like my partner or will crap on my interests. Thanks.

Ask about my gender.


Kins: Lamb (League of Legends; Ron is my Wolf), Gnomekin (World of Warcraft)

I really don't give a shit if you don't accept / like that I'm fickin. I don't expect it to be understood. I just find escapism in fantasy. I don't care if we share kins either -- in fact, I'd love to talk to you if we do! Just don't claim that my art is a representation of you and we're good.


If I know you IRL please do not bring what goes on in my account into the real world. I use my personal as a way to vent and get my undiagnosed emotional problems out in a healthy way.