To put it in plainer terms, I am what society would call, a "starving artist." Or maybe just an artist, I'm not really starving. I am receiving a degree in Painting with knowledge in Photography, Graphic Design, some Animation, Drawing, and the core subjects taught in a liberal arts college. My minor is in Japanese and have been a freelance artist ever since I discovered the interesting art of Japanese Animation, or Manga. Which started when I was 11...or maybe 12. I have been working on a Graphic Novel with several other side projects including a fiction novel. My art is cartoon-like but may have a realistic flare to them depending on the subject matter but I love making anything conceptual or something that may raise conflict so that the viewer may think about his or her own thoughts on the matter. Music is my muse. Music of all different types and it also depends on what mood I am in or what I am trying to send off in a piece of art.