Mel Mohseyn

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Mel grew up in a household that had a great passion for music. She has constantly made singing a part of her life; taking part in small-time gigs, events, wedding functions and singing competitions. She also contributed background vocals for album recordings and live shows; working with some renowned names in the local industry such as Azlan Abu Hassan, Ramlah Ram, Aliff Aziz, Minda, Adibah Noor and Noryn Aziz. She has had her fair share of frustrations where she almost gave up, but the feisty singer stayed headstrong and kept her faith alive. Through the years, her skill has matured and she is ready to truly realize her dreams as a professional singer. Mel's music represents the multifaceted nature of her sultry voice. She looks forward to showcase herself at any and every opportunity possible, as well as work with other great talents in the industry to enrich her experience and eventually, produce beautiful music that speaks to her soul and to the soul of others.

  • Education
    • Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications