Melvin Foster

Well, my name is Melvin Ivory Foster Jr.. I was born as=nd raised in Philadelphia, Pa, around the 61st area. I am a male that attends Rapcs ( Richard Allen Prepatory Charter School ). My interest are in girls ( light skinned ) lol, football, basket ball, and many other sports. I injoy spending time with family, and love making people laugh. My favorite foods, are, pizza, chesse burgers, and saldas. I'm more of the healthy food eater. My most important goals is to live to see tomarrow. Today was a blessing, tomarrow isn't promised. I would love to travle to Egypt won day. Jus to see the historical sites, and meet the people. also to see why thaey have so much hatred against us American citizens. I'm making a pleadge to be a good digital citizens, and be respectful, responsible, and to be prepared.