Melanie Smith


Funny, articulate, genuine, unique & not to forget highly intelligent & stupendous female (young 52 with only a smidgin of gray hair!!!) looking for a good job- something different would be nice-a challenge where I can develop my existing qualities (many, varied & dubious lol) & hopefully develop some more in a well paid environment working with other unique people of dubious character who are lovely, honest & genuine too but who, like me, enjoy a working situation that's a bit different.

. I am great with people, but thrive on being able to work informally with them in a down-to-earth manner without rigid structures. My last job was working nights in a homeless families' hostel- & I loved that & enjoyed nights too. I have previously worked with those with mental health problems, learning & physical disabilities, challenging behaviours etc. Now more interested in mental health, womens' organisations, homeless, alcohol/drugs, prostitution & similar areas particularly for charity/non-profit organisations. Ideally would love something a bit offbeat lol.

Would also consider working in some capacity monitoring dating/social websites; A friendly market research telephone company; friendly non-pressure call centre that doesn't require previous experience just someone articulate & friendly with a brain cell & a good voice; Would love to do voice-overs for adverts given a chance lol or anything vaguely interesting like working for a detective agency which I've never done but would have a bash at!

Great pay & holidays etc would be nice too!! I really don't think I'm asking a lot after all I'm reliable, friendly, witty, intelligent (in my own way lol) & a bloody good worker without (believe it or not) a big ego. I'm sensitive, caring interested in spirituality but not dogmatic or pushy it's just part of what makes me me, enjoy challenges, honest & frankly a definite asset to any organisation! I'm really very diplomatic too !! I do have a good level of education/qualifications


Have NO interest in football, love word plays & off-beat humour. Like continental lagers, films, dramas,expressing my views & shopping online, places near water & my cat used to enjoy my singing voice when she was alive!

  • Work
    • Resting but searching
  • Education
    • Degree level but university of life experience has been more valuable