Melanie Wood

Speaker, Coach, and Business Owner in Brisbane QLD, Australia

Melanie Wood

Speaker, Coach, and Business Owner in Brisbane QLD, Australia

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I am a Speaker, Coach, and Business Owner at Speaking Styles currently living in Brisbane QLD, Australia. My interests range from travel to coffee. I am also interested in Musicals, yoga, and entrepreneurship.

I help People Become Authentic Communicators to

~Empower Others ~Inspire Teams ~Change Lives

I founded Speaking Styles an organisation passionate about helping individuals and teams with Public Speaking, Storytelling and Soft Skills Training.

In overcoming my own fear of public speaking, spending my school days, University days and most of my career days, avoiding any form of public speaking and really any form of speaking to people I didn’t know.

Since moving to Australia from Scotland 6 years ago, I decided it was time to get over many of my fears, one of which was public speaking. After experiencing bullying in the workplace and abuse in my previous marriage. It took a lot of courage and a lot of help, through coaching, mentoring and practice, it happened. I thought wow I did it, I finally breaking through and overcoming fear, to seeing the real benefit to storytelling, public speaking and communicating with people I didn’t know, was truly amazing.

One of the key learnings I have had with my clients is working from the inside out to become an Authentic Communicator. Giving people the tools to be themselves, have that inner confidence and compassion for themselves and others, through communication.

I am now on a mission to help others share their story, stand up and stand in out in their business, workplace or cause to help others to Empower, Inspire Change.

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