Melanie Tito

Writer, Administrator, and Mother in New Zealand

I'm passionate about creativity, words and learning. I love connecting the dots between unlikely things, helping people birth their creative projects, and getting things organised/done. I am all about diving in, turning chaos to clarity, and making things better every day.

Passion and necessity have both guided my career choices - I am grateful for the connections I've made, the invaluable experiences and skills I've picked up and the chance to work in very different industries and roles.

Highlights include:

* ghostwriting a memoir

* writing donor updates and web copy for non-profits

* running a night market

* editing websites

* booking flights, coordinating events and working on powerpoint presentations for a busy banking team

* working as a contractor and gaining exposure to all kinds of environments and work

* putting together pitches and writing profiles for a legal practice.

I channel lateral thinking, curiosity, efficiency, empathy and dedication to get the job done - and done well.

All kinds of things fascinate and inspire me but my favourites are my family, good food, artisan goods, well-crafted sentences, different cultures, travelling, dance, the web, places and things that feel like home, world trends and psychology.

I love meeting people and working on creative projects - if you have one in mind, get in touch!

  • Education
    • BA (Sociology), University of Otago
    • Freelance Journalism, NZIBS