Port Townsend,Washington

I am a 61-year-old sailor born in Sochi on the coast of the Black sea in Russia. I have lived in many places in the world but have lived in America for many years now.

My ambitious solo sailing around the world will be continuing 100% in the end of July, 2013

The plan will be my second attempt to solo around the world. I was the first sailor to make a successful crossing in the history of the Gulf of Alaska in a San Juan 24-foot sailboat. My goal is to achieve a status in the Guinness book record of world.

Probably, I am leaving from Oak Harbor or Anacortes, Washington state nonstop to Cape Horn-South America. From there 400 miles to the South Georgia Island-UK, Antarctica and stop to plant the American flag there and continue to the Cape Town-South Africa.

I want to raise money for childrea's research cancer and I am sailing under the American flag and I am very very proud to be doing this voyage.

If you are interested in sponsoring or just making a donation.

The best contact me on cell: 360-461-9284 also email:

[email protected] and FACEBOOK.

Thank you very much.


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