Melinda Augustina

Producer of Social Content, Actress, and Author in Los Angeles, California

Melinda Augustina

Producer of Social Content, Actress, and Author in Los Angeles, California

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Melinda Augustina is an actress, producer, eco-advocate, author and wine blogger who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and his wine collection.

ACTRESS: Melinda plays moms, best friends, teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, a great "mean lady behind the counter", has a distinctive laugh and a "voice of authority". Excellent dialects, wicked humour and seamless realism are her trademarks. And she really, really, REALLY wants to be in an episode of Drunk History. Soon.

Melinda's most famous mom role is the mom in "My Mom's On Facebook" from the comedy team Back Of The Class.


"Hysterical, and very importantly, SOLID! Invited to knock on my door anytime I'm directing anything. An amazing character actress." - Alex Bram, Director

"Effing brilliant." - Maurice Chauvet, Writer/Director

PRODUCING SOCIAL CONTENT, SOCIAL MARKETING: Staying on top of the ever-changing world of digital marketing, she'll make sure you don't get "shiny new toy" syndrome and keep you focused on what works.

*"Melinda’s patience and expertise is invaluable for the social networking “newbie” (like me). She takes you light years beyond what you already know-- with a great sense of humor attached at no extra charge!” -Stephanie Howard, Core Issue Productions

"Melinda is one of the smartest people I have ever met, an incredibly hard worker. The exposure and success my first feature film received was due, in large part, to Melinda’s creative and tenacious marketing. I can’t recommend her enough! - Becky Smith, Waterdog Films

ECO-ADVOCATE: Consistently secures EMA "Green Seal of Approval" for productions and encourages green production practices to everyone. Even you.

Backstage West - "...screamingly funny..especially hilarious..."
Chicago Tribune - "...irresistibly real..."
Chicago Sun Times - "..and where has she been hiding? Pigeon toed at one end and cow licked at the other she is simply superlative..."