melissa carr

There's no sure-fire formula for success when it comes to blogging and social media. Anyone who's written for others can tell you that you never know what will take off and what will be met with deafening silence. Sometimes, though, someone hits on a magic formula.

Since launching TheThirtiesGrind in March 2012, Melissa has had hundreds of thousands of page views, won the top spot in the 2012 Top Vancouver Mom Blogger search, and has become a voice for those struggling to understand what the heck is happening with real estate in Vancouver. Not one to shy away from controversy, her Absurd Vancouver Property of the Week really hit a vein with Vancouverites who are watching house prices soar. She also wades in on parenting, broad bashing and a whole lot more.

Melissa says that life in your thirties is a grind. She writes, "It was not until recently that I realized that most of us in our thirties are in the same boat...a boat that almost always feels like it is slowly sinking!" But in the end, this grind is worth it. Her blog covers all that life in your thirties holds, and her personality and writing style are the glue that hold it all together.