Melissa Johnson

Producer, Production Manager, and videographer in New York

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I live to create and produce media content that edu-tains! With a degree in Mass Communication, I came into the world of media as a print journalist and script writer, and have since grown into a working producer and videographer. I have shot and edited short documentaries and feature stories on celebrities, businesses and business owners, for various NYC production and corporate companies, and individual clients. For broadcast, I have produced live shows and segments with news content, musical performances, and lifestyle stories.

The process of telling someone's story visually, brings me great joy. I truly believe that we all need joy, laughter, and love, and without it, life can be a hard pill to swallow. I strive to bring out these emotions for those who come across myself or my work.

I have a very healthy obsession with social media and photoblogging on everything that inspires me, which includes but most definitely is not limited to; the visual and performing arts, cultural exploration and global cuisine.

I can be very random at times, I live by quotes that inspire, I'm a closeted poet and I absolutely love being free to create!

If you have ideas or random thoughts, feel free to share! I'm up for listening.

Always thinking. Always learning. Always growing.