Mellissa Riddle

Associate, Student, and Project Manager in London, United Kingdom

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Mellissa Constance Riddle draws on more than a decade of experience supporting entrepreneurs in her role as chief of staff to the chairman of Al Tajir Industries. Working in this position since 2014, Ms. Riddle assists the chairman with infrastructure projects and projects management. A self-described intrapreneur, Mellissa C. Riddle manages some investments and projects herself, and lends her skills to strategic initiatives and public relations.

Mellissa C. Riddle previously served as chief of staff to Dustin Robertson, the founder and executive producer of AVIDDIVA Productions. Hired to assist in the relaunch of the international production company, Ms. Riddle helped organize the business and acted as a gatekeeper and liaison for Mr. Robertson.

An entrepreneur herself, Ms. Riddle stands out as the cofounder and former director of operations of the wholesale import/export company Kintamanti Imports. Ms. Riddle also lead the design and production team of Kintamanti Imports, sourcing from recycled and sustainable materials.