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Tomorrow, makin' a list of things to do - And when I wake up, uh uh uh oh - Gonna cross off a few - There must be millions of reasons - To try and explain, you're never through - When they give you twenty-four hours - Only so much a man can do - Tomorrow, made up my mind - Gonna get busy, come from behind - Today I'm staying right where I am - Break a few rules, make a few plans - There's thousand of things - To keep you from doing what you wanna do - And if it isn't this then it's that - Back where it's at, and you're never through -There must be millions of reasons - Thousands of things, just to name a few - I'm gonna spend the rest of today - Makin' a list of things to do - But I'll do 'em all tomorrow, uh uh uh oh - Tomorrow, uh uh uh oh - It can wait until tomorrow ...

(Joe Walsh - Tomorrow)

This Song is my excuse for being so lazy here ;) ...updates will come soon! ...promise :)