Mel Tempest

Health Club Owner, Fitness Business Coach, and Public Speaker in Australia

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The Gym Owner’s Business Podcast delivers practical, advisory, informative and thought-provoking discussions about industry issues and the business of gym ownership and operations.

Founded and hosted by one of Australia’s most bold, and often controversial gym owners, you can rest assured the content in these episodes will be upfront, honest, and brash – much like the host herself!

Mel Tempest is one of the Australian industry’s original pioneers, having opened the club she still owns and runs today, Ballarat Body & Soul, in 2003. Mel’s signature style is to adopt early, embrace new things with courage, and take risks. Living a life this way may well have seen her shed a few “friends” and colleagues over the years, but despite this Mel has managed to successfully carve her own career pathway. The result of doing so has meant she’s improved the health and fitness of thousands of people along the way.

Mel’s passion to help the industry to thrive, and to encourage every fitness operator to embrace innovation and achieve success, led her to create The Gym Owner’s Business Podcast.

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