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Motivating Elementary Students In Today's Classroom

As the school year winds to a close, many teachers see that their students are burned out. Today's children have much more school stress than student's did only 30 years ago. With a faster paced curriculum, more homework, and assessment tests that must be passed, students have their work cut out for them. The challenge for teachers, especially elementary teachers, is to attempt to make school fun. It's important that the children enjoy attending school, as some of the habits they make now, in the elementary grades, are the habits that will stick with them throughout their school careers. Of course, elementary teachers also have the daunting task of instilling a firm foundation of the basics with the students. It is understood that math and reading skills are the most important subjects at this age, and most other subjects are based off of these, especially as the school grades progress. A solid understanding of math and reading for the student helps to set the tone for other subjects in years to come. Students come to realize that all subjects are easier to understand when they have a firm grip on reading, reading comprehension, and mathematical facts.Because today's students are so competent with computers and technology, unfortunately for most to stay interested in school, they expect the same bells and whistles from the teacher as they get from a computer program. While it is possible to do fun activities in school, it's usually not done everyday. Creating new and exciting lesson plans takes a lot of time that unfortunately, most teachers don't have. Luckily, there is another way that teachers can expose their students to new and exciting lessons. The website,, has many online teaching resources with many membership benefits available for purchase. Because much of the material on the website is teacher created, it's usually very effective in engaging the students with bright and colorful activities. Unit studies are also available, allowing the teacher a simple way to incorporate many subjects into one theme, as this type of learning seems to keep children interested and motivated.Always remember though, as much as chil