Meredith Grace Janke

I'd like to call myself a writer, but I spend most of my time reading. Such is the life of a graduate student. I'm studying English and American Literature for my master's degree at NYU, where I also received my B.A. I live in New York City with my sister and our cat. I get riled up about politics, but admittedly my main news source is The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and things my friends tweet about. I like good movies and bad TV. I'm not a health freak but I don't drink coffee or soda. I collect elephant paraphernalia. I like to do ridiculous things, like jumping out of airplanes. The important things in my life are still up for grabs. Besides being a professional student I volunteer with an anti-human-trafficking organization called Not For Sale. I have an internship with Press Play Productions researching and writing proposals for socially minded reality TV shows. And I babysit to pay the bills. Hopefully by the time I finish earning my degrees there will actually be a market where they are considered valuable.

Otherwise I might move to China.

Photo credit: Ryan Patch