Metia ramadhania


a simply woman who loves fashion, beauty & fascinated of luxury things. having a passion on crafts & fashion couture..and love to decorating room.

her genre of style : feminine & bold. if there's a house, it could be a country house mix minimalist house ;)

living as a youngest daughter make her a lil bit spoiled for some things. admire an intelligent & efficient & elegance behavior/mindset. prefer to hav a balance life (GOD-Family-work-body). open minded & apreciated detail. oriented into being better.

friendly enough & more friendly if u know her closer. an introvert but could be captious at some things.., shy at d first time. but could be an everlasting bestfriend ;)

having a (sometimes)weak body that quickly attacked from ill (almost maag), make her having a tight maintenance of her lifestyle (time for eat). and..typically of avoiding & dislike crowded yet noisy slouchy places.

sensitive enough, drama, love being well prepared.

love a liar things but also a honest thing and having a faith ;)