Michael Gasiorek

San Francisco

I'm a lifelong learner, nomad entrepreneur, and effective altruist. I specialize in pollinating ideas across cultures through organizational design, cultural nuance, and behavioral marketing. I love to learn, connect, and help: let's grab coffee.

My work focuses on crafting stories, products, and growth.

I'm passionate about technology, psychology, and globalization. I measure life by how much I've explored, learned, what I've created that will outlast me, and the people and movements to which I've contributed. I love live music, train martial arts, and cook a great breakfast.

Exploring: Journalism, venture capital, cryptocurrency, effective altruism, memetics. Seeing the world as digital nomad of 3 years (EU-US-Asia). Previously at United Nations & EU Chamber of Commerce (Nanjing).

Learning: Currently Editor in Chief at Startup Grind. Last project was product lead & author at Wood Egg, a Derek Sivers company. Chinaccelerator & AOL alum. I write here.

Creating: Cofounder at a private cryptocurrency hedge fund, currently 4-10% M/M growth. Community leader of Thrive, operating in 2 cities & headed to Columbia in 2016. Core team at House Alexandria.

Contributing: Global Coach at NU IDEA Incubator. Venture advisor at EA Ventures. VP of U30 Changemakers, the largest youth social venture community. Asia connector as founder of Startup Grind SZ and DrinkEntrep. Partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs, Uber, and Softlayer (IBM). Previously consultant to Audi Shanghai, UBI Index, EA Global, Jaiotong University.

  • Work
    • Startup Grind
  • Education
    • Northeastern University
    • Hong Kong University