Michael Richard Greco, Sr.

Port Saint Lucie, FL. 34983

Hi, Michael R. Greco here, I am a computer repair tech., professional website designer/developer/host/marketer & technical director/host of my own internet tech. talk show Tec Stream Live at TecStreamLive.com or at TSLLive.TV. I am a newlywed married to my beautiful wife Bobbi Lyn Greco, I married her on 11/11/2011 in a small service at the Patchogue Justice of the Peace office in Patchogue, NY. Me & my wifey Bobbi met online on AOL in July of 2010, it was a instant connection between me & her! It was like love at 1st type!!! We have a new son named after me, Michael Richard Greco, Jr. I like computers, the internet, watching TV, especially MSNBC & prime time TV shows. And I also liked Countdown w/Keith Olbermann when it was on MSNBC/CurrentTV. Also I love taken photos, long walks & enjoy watching my local news/weather guy/meteorlogist Mike Lyons from WPBF TV-25 news, Leo Laporte on his Tech. podcasting network TWiT/TWiT.TV & my buddy Patrick Norton (who I met in Jan. 2012 at CES) on Revision3/Revision3.com's Tekzilla/Tekzilla.com.

  • Work
    • TecStreamLive.com
  • Education
    • High School Graduate
    • A Plus Certified
    • Networking Plus Certified
    • Security Plus Certified