Mitchell Stern

Toronto, ON

Mitchell Stern

Toronto, ON

Unabashed lover of food (Sandwiches), layered clothing and sarcasm. Explorer of music and new technology. On a constant search for new and exciting ways to learn, develop skills and be challenged.

Captivate Branding

"Building Brands and Captivating Communities"

Self-proclaimed ‘Brand Enthusiast’ fueled by creative collaborations, experiences and strong relationships. Helping local food businesses CAPTIVATE their audiences through the community.

Utilizing tremendous local network to provide innovative, creative and strategic branding and marketing services for small business owners. Helping small brands develop brand personality by crafting unique stories and developing content. Creating consistencies in branding and building brand expression.

Becoming a consistent ambassador for your brand in the local community and growing it through strong network and REAL relationships.

Brand strategy & management

Creative and collaborative new business development

Management of brand health and relevance


Creative ideation and property development

Social media strategy development, implementation and analysis

Unique and relevant content creation

Community management/growth/blogger relations/outreach

Event coordination and support

Retail operation planning & training

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