Masayuki Hatta

Researcher and Professor in 日本

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Hey, I'm Masayuki (or aka mhatta). I do teach and research at a university and I live in Japan. I like Free Software, Open Source, and Hacktivism. You can visit my website. Just click on the button above.


Masayuki Hatta (八田真行, born 1979, Japanese) is a Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Surugadai University in Saitama, Japan. He is currently a resident of suburban Tokyo, Japan.

Professional Career

Originally trained as an economist/organizational theorist, Hatta writes and speaks extensively on intellectual property issues. He is particularly interested in open source software licensing. He has also been doing research on techno-privacy issues such as encryption regulation for the past few years.

Hatta is also a journeyman hacker (an official GNU and Debian developer), an avid supporter of the Free Software cause, and a vocal advocate of hacktivism and the freedom of the Internet in general. He is a contributor to I2P, Tor, and other privacy enhancing technologies.

Hatta is also a visiting researcher at the Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan. He was previously a special researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property of Japan (2010-2011).


Hatta has been involved in several Internet-based activisms in Japan, such as Movements for Internet Active Users (MIAU), an organization modeled after EFF/ORG, and Open Knowledge Japan, the Japanese chapter of Open Knowledge. He is a founding member of both. He is also a member of several Japanese government committees, including the Committee for AI Network Society (2017-2018). He is currently a Technical and Cybersecurity Expert at Global Encryption Coalition.

  • Work
    • Surugadai University
  • Education
    • The University of Tokyo