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Acne is a condition that is typified in instances when a person notices black and whiteheads and pimples as well as cysts developing on different parts of the body including the face, chest, neck and back as well as upper arms and shoulders. It is also a condition that affects a large number of teenagers though it affects people of all age groups including adults aged above twenty and up to their middle ages.

acne treatmentFortunately, this is a condition that is not generally a life threatening one though it does lead to disfiguration as well as discomfort and embarrassment. However, in severe cases of acne there is greater likelihood of permanent scars being left though it is also possible to develop scarring from milder versions of acne? Some of the terms used to describe acne can be confusing and not well understood. It would indeed be few people that understand the meaning of terms such as papule, comedo and nodule as well as cyst.

In almost hundred percent of people aged between twelve and seventeen the chances of developing acne is greatest and race or gender and ethnicity hardly seem to matter. Young teenagers can however succeeding in managing this condition through use of over-the-counter medications though in severe cases there is need to get the problem treated by a physician.

Youngsters aged between ten and thirteen are more likely to develop acne and this problem may trouble them for a further 5 to 10 years though it usually disappears on its own once they reach the age of twenty. Still, there is no guarantee that acne will not still affect you even when you are in your twenties and early thirties and in fact, some people even develop acne for the first time after they have reached full adulthood.