Shahbaz Akram

iOS Engineer in Pakistan

Apps on Appstore:

Maid Dubai , QSMS , vehicle Log Book Enterprise , Buy Australian Properties , vehicle Book , ReignDate , SBX, EmergencMe , Teemo, Tor Browser+VPN, Tor Browser Private+ VPN etc.

I started developing iOS apps in Objective C and now I develop apps in Swift. I keep polishing my technical knowledge and skills using up-to-date sources like WWDC, Apple Developer Guides and some excellent tutorials sites.

I have developed lots of iOS apps from scratch to completion, uploading and providing support.

I have excellent communication skills and have done work both singly and in teams. I am attentive to details and have excellent time management skills.

Experience includes but no limited to:

Swift (latest), Objective c, Adaptive Layout & Size Classes, Web Services, Push Notifications, Database Handling, Sqlite, Realm, App monetization, 3rd party API's, App Localization, Git, Sourcetree, BitBucket, working with Apple & Google Maps, IAP, Apple Pay, Stripe, Google AdSense, paypal etc.