Micah Love-Allotey

Owner of Loveall Management Group LLC-Transportat and Vice President of Prestige Adult Foster Care LLC in Worcester, MA

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From the historic backdrop of Worcester, Massachusetts, Micah Love-Allotey has carved out a narrative that seamlessly intertwines family values with entrepreneurial vigor. As a beacon in both domestic circles and the corporate world, his journey illuminates the path for many.

His academic odyssey commenced at Burncoat High School, laying a robust foundation that propelled him to the academic halls of Johnson and Wales University. Armed with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and insightful minors in Psychology and Sociology, he's now on a transformative venture, pursuing an MBA at Southern New Hampshire University. As the family's trailblazing college graduate, he is a testament to ambition and grit.

His foresight birthed the Loveall Management Group LLC in the professional arena, revolutionizing non-emergency medical transportation. Donning the cap of Vice President at Prestige Adult Foster Care, he harmonized business insights with compassionate care. His ventures, rooted in integrity and innovation, exemplify the pinnacle of ethical entrepreneurship.

  • Education
    • MBA from Southern New Hampshire University
    • Bachelor of Science in Johnson & Wales University