Michael Fourte

Lawyer in Montclair, New Jersey

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Michael Fourte is an experienced lawyer, real estate professional and veteran of the United States Navy. His work ethic, deep knowledge of his respective industries and ability to problem solve has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and community members. Using his inherent multitasking ability, Michael Forte serves in multiple different positions in separate industries.

Currently, Michael Fourte serves as an attorney at law at the Law Offices of Michael Fourte. In this position, Michael devotes his time to serving the people of his community in various cases. He has researched, discovered and briefed well over 100 municipal, federal, military and state cases. His cases range from a variety of topics, covering anything from real estate to immigration or appeals.

Additionally, Michael Fourte also serves as the CEO of Fourte Real Estate. As the CEO, Michael oversees multiple aspects of the firm, from day-to-day operations to marketing and even taxation and risk. There isn't an aspect of the business that Michael doesn't out his touch on; because of this, the company has been able to excel in the industry. In addition today-to-day operations, Michael is responsible for overseeing the company's portfolio worth over $3 million in assets.

In regards to his military career, Michael Fourte has had an incredibly illustrious time serving for our country. During his time in the United States Navy, Michael has served in several countries in multiple continents and has held the titles of Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Administrative Officer, Personnel Officer, and Regional Director for Diversity Outreach. After serving for several years in the Navy, Michael put his military career on hiatus to pursue a degree in law, which he successfully achieved.

Later, Michael returned to serve in the Navy, and served as an executive officer and later commanding officer. During this time, Michael Fourte realized just how similar the duties of a commanding officer are to those of a CEO. There is no doubt that his time as a commanding officer helped prepare him for his role as the CEO of Fourte Real Estate.

Although he is incredibly experienced and has decades of knowledge and wisdom under his belt, Michael understands that there is so much more to learn, and so he hopes to grow his abilities and skills.

  • Work
    • Naval Officer, Attorney, Real Estate Investor
  • Education
    • US Naval Academy (1998), Fordham Law School (2006)