Michael Shane

I’ve been working with people and companies discovering and unlocking potential for more than 8 years. My passion is people I love working with people and have worked with everyone from the un-employed, self-employed to the Chief Executives of a multi-million pound organistions. I’ve been working in learning and development since 2003 for the AA and also Britain’s oldest awarding body NCFE before stepping into consultancy in 2009. I work on internal and external communication delivering results that enable you or your company to be engaged, provide a better service and be in a stronger position to evolve and grow. My approach to training and development is always the same; I work with you to really understand your needs before any training begins. Some of your needs will be obvious, some you may not have noticed and together we will work with these to ensure your investment in your development. I deliver learning and development solutions through three key areas: • Management • Communication • Sales I am privileged to experience watching people personally and watching companies grow professionally. My greatest passion is watching people, teams, managers, directors, executives, companies, achieve something that they believed that was beyond their reach or that they thought they couldn’t do.