Mike Tougeron

Software Engineer in San Francisco, California

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Who am I? A question that seems to plague me every so often. My name is Mike Tougeron. I’m also know as Michael, Touge, Teivan, mtougeron, and “hey you!” It all depends on if you know me personally, at work, online, or online a few years ago. I currently work at Adobe in their AdCloud division as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer. I live in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area in Concord which is the far East Bay. I have a wife (Denise), a boy named Justin, a house, two cats, and a dog. I’ve always lived in northern CA, mostly in Sonoma County until 2004, except for that random summer where I lived in Indiana. BTW, I’m never going back. I have a variety of interests including high tech, web developing with php, data processing, building scalable systems, reading books, watching movies, fine red wines, board games, and a few other things that I can’t think of at the moment.

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    • Senior Software Engineer