Michael Allen Potter

Author, Editor, and Publisher in New York

Michael Allen Potter

Author, Editor, and Publisher in New York

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I work one-on-one with clients to navigate writers and small presses from raw manuscript through each of the editorial, formatting, financial, and commercial distribution options available via digital publishing.

I've taught writing at Iowa, Northeastern, and National Universities and have won awards for fiction, poetry, and drama from Cornell University, Sage College (NY), and San Francisco State University, respectively. I've also worked for major publishing companies, including Pearson and McGraw-Hill.


"Michael took my manuscript (that had been worked and re-worked) and refined it into a magnificent book!" -- Joan, Memoirist

"He is one of the best editors I've ever met." -- Park, Sociologist

"Michael Allen Potter is an AWESOME editor! Simply AWESOME!" -- Janine, Anthologist

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  • Work
    • ElectricCityBooks.com
  • Education
    • BA, Union College (New York)
    • MFA, San Francisco State University
    • MFA, The University of Iowa