Michael Bach Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, GA March 10, 2009 – A former private equity veteran plans to launch an incubated long/short equity hedge fund. An incubated hedge fund offers a prospective hedge fund manager the opportunity to develop a marketable track record for the fund, which will eventually be utilized to solicit investors. The fund’s investment strategy will focus predominately on long and short positions in calls and puts option contracts. Fund manager Michael Bach, Atlanta has established Scirage Capital in Atlanta, Georgia.

The firm will launch its incubated fund during the second quarter, with an estimated $10 million in initial assets, seeded primary by Bach. When asked, Michael Bach, Atlanta said “Unlike a traditional seeding arrangement where the fund manager may need to spend half of the time on developing non-investment type functions of the fund, this incubated model will provide us a good foundation in establishing our track record.” “The risk for investors typically associated with a new launch is essentially removed, which also helps the investment team to primarily focus on producing solid returns.”

According to Michael Bach, Atlanta. He is working alongside two other professionals in the establishment and launch of the fund, both of which are former private equity veterans. Bach plans to hire several traders and research analysts for the new fund during the 2009 fiscal year. “In developing our approach we have carefully researched the incubation space and have designed our model in order to leverage the strengths that we have”, Bach, added.