Michael Beattie Toronto

CEO and President of Operations at MBM Consulting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Michael Beattie is a construction and operations executive who has used his experience in the construction industry to solve problems, improve project management and overall performance, and complete large-scale projects efficiently.

Michael Beattie is the founder, chief executive and president of operations of MBM Consulting. He founded MBM in 1995 and has grown the company. MBM is known throughout North America for employing the latest thinking in change management, supply chain management and program management to ensure financial goals for some of the most ambitious commercial and residential construction projects are met.

Prior to leading MBM, Beattie worked for Lakeview Holdings in Toronto, ultimately becoming president of operations for the company. His work focused on turning around financially distressed companies, but also included mergers and acquisitions as well as directing financial sponsorships of public and private equity companies.

Today, Beattie remains a member of the board of directors of the Lakeview Holdings Trust. In that role, he helps to oversee and investment and land trust portfolio.