Michael Chhabra

Small Business Owner in Washington, DC

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Michael Chhabra is a business and law professional based out of Washington, DC. His interests include business, criminal, and tort law.

Throughout his life, Michael has worked to hone his business acumen and establish himself as an expert on all matters related to law. He graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in business administration, after which he joined his father to build a business.

While Michael Chhabra had originally anticipated going into the field of criminal law, after his studies, he determined that he wanted to dedicate his career toward helping victims of medical malpractice through tort law. Michael saw the need for support in cases where victims seldom have adequate legal representation.

He assisted his father in handling these cases, fighting on behalf of thousands of victims seeking the medical care they deserve. The two of them evolved the family call center business into a highly profitable enterprise, evolving it into partnerships with four DC-based law firms.

Since then, Michael has been on the lookout for defective drugs and medical devices that can potentially cause complications for patients. He's stayed active in both the law and finance spheres as his career has developed.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys keeping up to date on the latest in technology. From entertainment to solving persistent societal issues, he looks for the solutions that technology provides in day-to-day living, and loves looking into gadgets that can help him in his professional pursuits.

  • Education
    • University of Ohio