Michael Delmonico

College Planning Services in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

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Michael Delmonico has been assisting families, individuals, and small business owners with professional college planning services in the Uxbridge, Massachusetts area for over 20 years. Michael Delmonico and his team offer a wide array of services to help families, individuals, and businesses gain control over their unique situations and plan for a better retirement saving strategy.

Since 1995, Michael Delmonico has devoted himself to helping clients understand the living benefits of life insurance. He loves to teach people of all ages how to insure themselves and build a debt-free, tax-efficient retirement.

With every transaction they suggest, Michael Delmonico maintains focus on three major themes:

-Increasing the net worth of a client

-Raising monthly cash flow for a client

-Decreasing a client's current and future tax liabilities

Listed below are some of the unique programs and services offered and are customized to meet the needs of each individual client.

Your Family Bank®

With the Your Family Bank® program, Michael Delmonico helps clients strategize a unique and individualized approach to meet specific family needs. Families are able to confidently secure their futures with an organized and customized plan. With the YFB program, Michael Delmonico ensures clients develop core college planning methods they can control instead of focusing efforts on other factors such as increasing contributions and higher return rates. The literacy program built within Your Family Bank® is proven to help families eliminate current debt based on the current income and status they have today.

College Planning

In recent years, more and more individuals are going to college with an increased pressure from society to earn a college degree. At the same time, college courses and tuition have become more and more expensive, leaving students with overwhelming amounts of debt. Michael Delmonico works to help students and families with college planning through the 10 Principles of Money Management system.

Business Owners

Michael Delmonico offers planning and advice to small business