Michael Farver

Michael Farver

Ex-print media publisher & art/design guru turned passionate social activist, semi-pro chef, writer, photographer, artist, trainer of championship Dobermans and licensed firearms expert. I serve as a spokesperson and advocate for U.S. childhood hunger solutions at the federal, state and local level. I'm a Dad, a Husband, and when things get too intense, I flee to Italy to refresh my soul. In no particular order, I am:

1. Principal, Manager and Director of Imagineering for XS Media Ventures, LLC, a multi-media publishing, creative, event and promotion company. We build brands, viral market, develop & promote social networks, and deliver news, arts, culture and entertainment content and experiences via a blend of unique events, print, broadcast, social media and technology platforms.

2. I'm the Immediate Past President of the Board of Florida Impact, the state’s senior legislative public policy advocacy organization.

3. I serve on the board of directors of the South Florida Hunger Coalition and Women in Distress of Broward County

4. I Co-Chair the Brand and Marketing Committee of Hispanic Unity of Florida.

5. I am a Trustee and Director of the Farver Foundation, supporting hunger relief, child nutrition, education and community development.

6. I am the President of End Childhood Hunger, a grassroots child hunger nonprofit in South Florida.

7. I am the President of The Arts Project, a nonprofit providing resources, support and services to artists, musicians and the South Florida cultural community.

8. I lead a business incubator, angel investor and new business startup and redevelopment consulting company.

9. I am a consultant to a number of for profit and nonprofit organizations and corporations in South Florida, providing organizational and board development, strategic planning and development services to help raise funds, increase awareness and visibility, and advocate on behalf of our clients.

10. I Serve on the Media Advisory Board of Florida Atlantic University, overseeing and mentoring the efforts of the staffs of the University Press, Owl Radio and Owl TV.

Oh, and I'm into everything from modern art, tiki and pop surrealism to wine collecting to vintage guitars to all things touching, and touched by, technology. For starters.

<michael@michaelfarver.com> Mobile: 954.326.2848 Google: 954.667.9131 Skype: 954.357.3705 or <michaelfarver>, Fax: 954.678.3004

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