Michael Fortinberry

COO, Co-Founder, and Business in New York

Michael Fortinberry

COO, Co-Founder, and Business in New York

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Michael Fortinberry is an entrepreneur and businessman living in New York City. He has years of expertise in the area and has launched multiple profitable businesses. He is the COO of Protiv and Senior Vice President of Perennial Construction Services, both of which keep him quite busy.

Due to the technological advancements that have occurred in the construction industry over the years, Michael Fortinberry has been able to create numerous successful business ventures. His first major break came when he joined EmpireCore, LLC and PPG Services. These positions gave him the necessary industry knowledge to start his own company, Sciovia. The company's goal is to provide a comprehensive service that combines the construction and technology sectors.

Currently, Michael Fortinberry is working on two different ventures: Protiv and Perennial Construction Services. As the senior vice president of one of these companies, he is responsible for overseeing the company's various projects. It is a multi-family renovation and construction firm that uses new technology to complete large-scale projects.

Michael Fortinberry is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Protiv, a revolutionary payment platform that was inspired by the human potential. Although it took him three years to develop the company, he believes that it can transform the way businesses operate.

Michael Fortinberry's various ventures would not be able to be successful without the technological advancements that have occurred over the years. He is passionate about the development of new technology and is constantly looking for ways to improve the way businesses operate. This passion has led to the creation of multiple successful companies, such as Protiv and Perennial Construction.

Although there are many demands that Michael has to meet, he still enjoys spending time with his family and sailing. This is a great way to relax and take in the great outdoors. He is a passionate volunteer for the New York Harbor Sail Foundation, which provides sailing lessons to children from 8 to 13. He also serves as an instructor for the American Sailing Association.

Recently Michael and Protiv were honored to be amongst incredible construction and tech companies selected for BuiltWorlds' Project Software Top 50 list - especially since the company is only 2 years old! Check out the full list below.


To learn more about Michael Fortinberry, visit his site, MichaelFortinberry.net.