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Michael Fung

Consultant, marketing, and Sales in Portland, Oregon

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WORK: I help marketers win! Old man rainmaker for modern companies that want to grow their topline.


-Building mutually beneficial partnerships that generate net new business, grow revenue and increased margins while keeping operating cost low.

-Representing the most advanced, flexible and complete marketing technologies & services in the world.

-Demand Generation, Direct & Interactive Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Management and Sales: Prospect to Prosperity.

I have been told I am like the tough-as-nails master sargent (with a smile) that did not want to be an officer because he was addicted to the grit and thrill of battle. Strategy with experience, brilliant tacticts, flawless execution and saving the day (project, program, ROI) for the country (client, CxO, company) is reward enough.

FUN: Fostering a constructive team environment then dominating every aspect of the task, game or project at hand. Just kidding, kind of.

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