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Michael Gier

Los Angeles, CA

Michael is an Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Published Author, Public Speaker,Teacher, On-Camera Host, & Radio Show Host.

First and foremost Michael is an actor, on-camera host, singer, and dancer and works on television, film, and stage projects. He also teaches private acting lessons in Hollywood, CA, IMDB

Michael owns a production company producing TV commercials, Corporate Videos, and Films,

Michael is the CEO of Silver Dove Films, a non-profit organization that produces films that are thought provoking, educational, and have a positive influence on the lives of others, addressing social issues that are relevant in today's society, Silver Dove Films current project is Wounded Warriors, a film that will honor our Veterans,

Michael has been a professional real estate investor since 2001. His company built spec homes in three states, did land development, purchased properties to fix and sell, and he's owned 15 homes all over the country. A frequent guest speaker at real estate investing clubs, Michael has produced RE investing education products, and hosted a radio show called "Creating Wealth Through Real Estate"