Michael Haack

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and public health policy innovator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hello! I'm Michael.

I work in gay men's health and research. LGBTQ2+ rights advocate. Business owner, entrepreneur & consultant. Progressive trying to change the world.

I am a community organizer with the hands on experience to engage, create innovative solutions, and build change.

I champion the non-profit and voluntary sector, findings new ways to make positive changes in our communities.

I am always on the lookout for new social causes to support using my expertise in communication, operations, grassroots organizing, fundraising, membership engagement and social media to build and maintain relationships, bringing people together, and bridging the gap between business and the social causes that I support.

Connect with me! I'd love to hear how I can support your project.

  • Education
    • University of British Columbia
    • Smith School of Business, Queen's University