Michael Ionita-Ganea

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Michael Ionita-Ganea

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

My life in bullet points:

Started doing MittagsMonster on the side: Find lunch deals near you (currently only in Vienna)

Got an amazing offer at MobFox: Director of Technology at MobFox

Started doing seminars on the side for Social Media Technologies at Vienna Digital

Sold RealLifeConnect to do the next thing

Figured I can start my own business: CEO at RealLifeConnect (Vienna, Hong Kong)

Go employed at the top social media development company in Vienna

Developed websites as a freelancer

Tech guy which studied at tech university in Vienna

Interested in:Prototyping, New Business & Business Models, Salsa Dancing, Traveling the world

  • Work
    • Ceo & Founder
  • Education
    • University of Technology