Michael Malice

I co-author books with prominent personalities, including UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes and comedian D. L. Hughley. I'm also the subject of a graphic novel by Harvey Pekar ("American Spendor") entitled Ego & Hubris.

I recently released DEAR READER: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il. Based on the original Korean texts and dozens of other books, it's a first-person account of the life of the Dear Leader and history of the DPRK.

Funded by a successful Kickstarter, the world's first "unauthorized autobiography" will be available imminently.

My article about my trip to North Korea is available here.

I've done a great deal of interviews about the DPRK and Kim Jong Il, all of which can be accessed on my press page.


· Author, Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il
· Contributor, The Paleo Manifesto by John Durant (Crown, 2013)
· Co-author, I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up with D.L. Hughley
(Crown, 2012)
· Co-author, Concierge Confidential with Michael Fazio (St.
Martin's, 2010), One of the Year's Top Celeb Tell-Alls, NPR
· Co-author, Made in America with UFC Champion Matt Hughes (Simon Spotlight, 2008), NY Times Bestseller
· Subject, Ego & Hubris: the Michael Malice Story by Harvey
Pekar (Ballantine, 2006)
· Co-founder & Founding editor, Overheard in New York (2003)