michael newcomb

After studying Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of London and Tourism & Conservation at the Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology, Michael Newcomb joined the leading South American Tour Operator Journey Latin America as a tour guide specializing in the Andean countries of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

During 9 years based in South America Michael's extensive research into its national park network led to a number of consultancy, research and journalism jobs for a varied list of clients and included the founding of a local conservation project in UNESCO biosphere reserve, PN Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on Colombia's Atlantic Coast.

Michael Newcomb is now based in the Ronda Mountains in Andalusia, Spain where he has continued his research into national parks and protected areas, working on award winning projects for Iberian Lynx and Barbary Macaque conservation and is author of Protected Area Watch - an online journal monitoring extractive industries within protected areas.

He is presently leading tours and walks within the Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve for several UK tour operators and as well as providing a besoke service for walking in the national parks of Southern Spain and South America at SierraWalks.Com .