Michael Petersen Wisconsin

Director in the United States

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Besides his work as Michael Petersen, attorney, which is what he is best known for, Mike also likes being quite involved with his church and the community. He likes to volunteer raise money for a number of causes. He married his childhood sweetheart, Angie, in 2007 and they live with their two adopted sons in Fond du Lac, near family and friends.

However, he is best known as Michael Petersen, attorney. When people hire him, it is usually because they need his help to guide them through the criminal legal process. It is Michael Peterson’s strongest belief that the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty is the most important right Americans possess. It is not only the guiding principle behind his entire legal career, but it is the primary reason for his success. Among the crimes his clients have been charged with include nearly everything having to do with drugs, serious driving offenses, including DUI, domestic violence and even homicide. And every single one of them is entitled to the best possible defense he can provide.