Michael Ralby

Father and Founder in Boca Raton, Florida

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Throughout Michael Ralby’s career, he has prioritized the development of genuine relationships and sought to satisfy the needs of his clients. With more than thirty years of experience in the financial industry, Michael Ralby has equipped himself with the skills, knowledge, and insight to masterfully navigate the industry.

Michael Ralby values his personal and professional relationships to an incredible degree. Making lasting connections with others in any capacity is important to Michael, and as a consultant, networking with intelligent and capable individuals is essential. While Michael Ralby’s primary expertise lies with municipal bonds, his knowledge extends into the reaches of other niche aspects of the financial industry. He aims to provide service and advice to clients to help them best manage their finances, grow their capital, and effectively navigate the markets.

Michael Ralby was the President of On the Money, a division of On the Ball Ventures, and in this role, Michael was responsible for introducing strategic initiatives and overseeing projects. In order to succeed in this role, Michael Ralby remained open to innovation and advancement, particularly in regards to technology. While some may fear the impact of technology on the financial industry, Michael is keen to embrace it, acknowledging that change is often necessary and beneficial in order to propel the industry forward. When it comes to embracing the integration of new technology like robo-advisors, Michael accepts the challenge.

Beyond Michael Ralby’s professional expertise, he is also an avid tennis player and a devoted father. Previously, Michael dedicated many years to playing tennis professionally, and he still enjoys every opportunity to practice on the courts. He is also happy to have passed on his love of sports to his sons. Supporting his children in their every endeavor is a great joy for Michael.

In everything he does, Michael Ralby values sincerity, integrity, and communication. He builds relationships with care and strives to provide excellent guidance to his clients, utilizing his ever-expanding network to satisfy their needs and answer their questions. Michael Ralby is excited about future possibilities for his career as well as the industry at large, and he hopes to be innovative and adaptive in regards to whatever comes next.

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