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Author. Entrepreneur. Psychiatrist. in Canada

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As an author, I have written self-help and how-to articles and books on mental health, psychiatry, and parenting. Shrink series of videos and ebooks is my latest project.

In January 2015, I've released First Aid Tips for Suicidality: Recognizing and preventing suicide in four essential steps. With all the stresses happening around us, this book is a necessary tool.

Last July 2014, I released First Aid Tips for Memory Loss: How to keep a healthy brain and slowdown forgetfulness in 4 practical steps. Intrgued and interested?

In April 2014, I published First Aid tips for Anxiety: 4 crucial steps to overpower anxiety. The first book of the series, First Aid Tips for Depression: Overcoming depression in 4 simple steps, was published earlier.

All above-mentioned Shrink series ebooks are available in Smashwords and Amazon.

A few years ago, I published A 31-Day Series for Kids and Teens have received rave reviews so far. Last 2012, I released the Psychiatry Review Series to help my colleagues pass the board certification exam in psychiatry. Its kindle version (mini review series) was released in 2013.

As an entrepreneur, I created the Oikos Game Series (emotional and social skills family board games) and other other games such as Fikloo and Actus Tale - both party games; Wordigy, Wordigy Jr., and IzSip Challenge - all word games.

To learn more about my interests and views, you may visit www.drrayel.com. For Shrink video series, visit my YouTube channel.

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