Michael Norton

Seattle Washington United States

When I'm not drinking coffee, I'm exploring the intersecting of the arts, technology, and manufacturing, working toward new forms of art merchandising, and marketing great products through social media. I hope to create and promote things that have a positive effect on the dominant culture and improve the quality of people's lives. I’ve been creative or artistic in some way for most of my life. In my youth I loved to draw. I’ve expressed myself through music more than any other form, including song writing, recording, and performing in bands, show choirs, and musicals. My current projects touch on product and package design/manufacturing, e-zine publishing, audiobook production, and video game dev. I’ve also worked in the event industry, with internet technology creating interactive online advertising, and in big data analysis. I'm also a big fan of crowd-funding and micro-benefactors. I believe platforms like Kickstarter and Patreon are part of a renaissance in the realms of creation, apprciation, and distribution or many types of arts and crafts. I've been involved in a handful of successful Kickstarter campaigns, and occasionally work as a crowd-funding consultant.