Michael Angelo Schab

Designer, Consultant, and Small Business Owner in Chicago, Illinois

Michael Angelo Schab

Designer, Consultant, and Small Business Owner in Chicago, Illinois

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I was born in Chicago, lived in the northwest suburbs, moved away for college, and finally returned back to Chicago.

I attended Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI where I graduated with a BS in Computer Information Systems conc. Marketing.

After completing my degree, I moved back home to help a friend start a new company in the wonderful world of technology. I ran production, logistics, equipment development, maintenance, and testing. I also helped develop strategies, built our first offices, set up networks, and a variety of random other projects throughout the company. This involved anything from construction, development, networking, brand dev, production, strategy, social media, user experience, web development, systems development, vendor selections, equipment design and manufacture, with exposure to software and web applications and tools. During this time I also became a real estate broker in the State of Illinois.

A few years into the business, I decided to pursue a Masters program. I chose Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago.

In 2010, I stepped down to pursue school full time. As of December 2011, I graduated from Roosevelt University with an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) as well as a Masters in Real Estate (MSRE).

In the summer of 2011, I started my own company, called The Bluebird Brand. It is aimed at building companies and organizations from the ground up as well as streamlining processes from within. Through brainstorming, experience, relationships, and tools, I help develop just the right mix of strategies to avoid crucial mistakes and build long lasting innovations. Everyone knows what to do. I focus on how to do it better.

In addition to everything else, I am currently pursuing my Private Pilots license as well as my AWS welding certification. I still hold my real estate license as a managing broker in the state of Illinois, working with residential, commercial, and industrial property.

I have a passion for helping people, ideas and companies reach seemingly impossible goals and be successful. I look for and design stuff that aims to change the way we do things today to be faster, better, smarter, and of course easier to use.

As I continue to build out my brand and company, I am also open to helping develop your next big brand, idea, concept, or process.

You can learn more about me via the links below. Thanks for stopping by!

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    • SkiiTail
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    • Chicago Executive Flight School
    • Mobile Makers
    • Arc Academy
    • Roosevelt University
    • Northern Michigan University