Michael Silberman

Founder, Campaign Strategist, and Activist in Washington, DC

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Michael Silberman uses technology to scale collective action and accelerate change for a more just society and livable planet.

He founded and led two organizations, Mobilisation Lab and Echo & Co, dedicated to advancing advocacy and campaigns for social justice, especially for climate, inequality, and human rights. He guided dozens of organizations to revamp their communications, influencing, and supporter engagement strategies for the digital era. Michael's work developing participatory, people-powered advocacy strategies has been globally recognized by The New Yorker, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Newsweek, and Wired.

Over the last 10 years, Michael and his team at MobLab trained thousands of social change campaigners, as well as developed a new, open source methodology to enable advocacy organizations to be more effective through people power, systems thinking, and the creative use of new technology.

He started his career leading the first successful digital grassroots organizing program in U.S. politics for Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign.

Michael currently serves on the boards of Oxfam America and The Story of Stuff Project. He co-founded the Open Agency Network, an association of progressive digital and creative agencies; and for five years chaired Web of Change, a group of emerging leaders at the intersection of technology and social change. He developed and taught a graduate course on digital-era advocacy at the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs. Michael is recognized as one of the U.S.’s 50 most influential leaders by The NonProfit Times.