Michael Tappenden

Writer in the United Kingdom

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Author of Pegasus to Paradise. Book currently attracting many five star reviews on amazon.com. See video attached.

Son of Ted 'Ham and Jam' Tappenden of Pegasus Bridge fame, D-Day 1944.

Now writing his second book (A Long Dark Rainbow) again harking back to the 40s and 50s but this time looking at the damage caused by social control and the segregation of the sexes. Remember?

Alex and Samantha now rapidly approaching 70, meet but this time on their own terms and to their amazement begin to experience the most profound physical and spiritual bonding of their lives. Pity it took so long. Beware... the most moving, surprising and honest description of physical and mental intimacy you will read. ( Not easy. What other writers have managed to describe such passion and tenderness without resorting to pornographic or trite means? Anybody?)

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    • University for the Creative Arts UK