Michael Weber

Consultant, Entrepreneur, and publisher in Wiesbaden, Deutschland

Michael Weber

Consultant, Entrepreneur, and publisher in Wiesbaden, Deutschland

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I work at the intersection of business, design and technology to create innovation and a change.

After a career in the consulting and creative industries, I co-founded the Future Flux Innovation Lab in 2014. Since 2017 I'm working as an innovation consultant as part of CREATORS COLLECTIVE. Focus of my work is to create sustainable and human-centered solutions for a better future of our society.

I'm interested in and working on the following topics:
- Sustainable Mobility
- Resilient Future Cities
- Human-centered Products and Services
- Learning and Creativity
- Social Innovation

How I can help:
- Innovation Concept and Strategy
- Design Thinking / Design Sprints
- Product and Service Development
- Idea Sparring
- Teaching

CREATORS COLLECTIVE is an interdisciplinary group of creative professionals including artists, designers, makers, engineers and entrepreneurs. We share a common vision about a more sustainable and human-centered society. Through our work we explore potentials for innovation and change and materialize them into new products and experiences.

I am also publisher for pen & paper roleplaying games and aikido teacher.

- Accenture (2005-2011)
- Razorfish (2011-2014)
- Future Flux (2014-2016)
- Creators Collective (since 2017)
- Green Gorilla (since 2020)

Partner with me to get a fresh perspective on your ideas and challenges, and deliver meaningful solutions!

Contact me at [email protected] or +49 170 2033663.