Michael Wernicke

Brisbane, Queensland

Michael Wernicke is a Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Sleep Health Advocate. Michael is the Co-Owner and National Operations Manager of Wenatex Australia, one of Australia's leading Sleep Health Education companies. Over the past decade, Michael has been a key player in the development and growth of Wenatex Australia's “Healthy Sleep for a Better Life” seminar series whose primary mission is to transform people's lives by helping them understand the power of healthy sleep.

Michael has contributed to book and other written articles on the negative health effects of poor sleep. In 2007, Michael lead a company based team to create the “Wendepunkt” Health Practitioner program which focused on educating Health Practitioners and their customers on the enormous benefits of healthy sleep. Through this program, Michael shared valuable knowledge on the subject of sleep health in an effort to better educate health practioners from a variety of modalities. Michael has had numerous appearances on the Channel 9 “Today Show” providing healthy sleep tips to a live national TV audience.

Together with his father and brother's, Michael has focused on expanding the Wenatex brand in Australia since 2002. The Wenatex company was founded by Michael's uncle in Austria in 1964. Today the European entity manufactures high end specialty bedding products in and around Salzburg, Austria and the Australian organisation offers these products for sale to the Australian public as part of their mission to improve people's sleep quality and ultimate health. In 2011, Michael worked to help gain a special classification for the Wenatex products from the Australian Tax Office - gaining a GST tax exemption under the heading of specialty medical aids and appliances.

In 2010, Michael developed online gift retailer AmazingGiftShop.com.au where the business continues to experience exceptional growth in monthly online traffic.

In 1997, Michael co-founded leading Brisbane based Internet development company Speedwell eBusiness. As a pioneer in the web development business in the late 1990's, Speedwell continues to be one of the leading digital agencies in the country. Michael and his Brother Stephen sold the business in 2004.

Michael graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 1995 with a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Applied Science.

In 1994, Mich

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