Michal Nowakowski

I'm working as a freelancer since 2003.
I have had an opportunity to manage two companies: BROSTUDIO and Graf.IT, so I've been able to participate in some great projects (web / advertising / apps / flash / dtp / cms / e-commerce etc.).

Right now I'm trying to build some useful things. Check FinancialGoal.eu to find how to create passive income and why it is so important. Check also SkarbyNatury.com.pl (e-commerce with healthy food and dietetary supplements), and SmartNext.pl (Wearables and electronics). Europrosument shop with t-shirts and mugs. Check out some older projects here.

I really love helping people, so if you have any question about the things I'm good with, send me an e-mail and I'll give you an answer for sure.

I am also open for work and new opportunities :)